Forget about superheroes: no one is looking to take the box office by storm this summer quite like 'Godzilla,' who remains just as popular and iconic today as he was 60 years ago. The latest entry in the film's brilliantly run marketing campaign is a poster highlighting the film's IMAX 3D release, which seems like a pretty cool way to see a movie about a monster the size of a skyscraper.

Like most posters exclusively made to advertise an IMAX release, this new poster is far more stylish than your typical one-sheet. There are no floating heads, no random debris/sparks and it appears that Photoshop was not abused in the making of this thing. The King of the Monsters stands before a rising sun (and a tattered Japanese flag), his iconic silhouette looming over a skyline and the helpless, ant-like soldiers who obviously have no way to stop his rampage.

We were sold on this project the moment Warner Bros. hired the very talented 'Monsters' director Gareth Edwards to tackle this iconic figure, but every trailer and poster (not to mention the fantastic footage that played at SXSW and WonderCon) just has us more thrilled to see it. This could be the movie to beat this summer.

'Godzilla' will stomp into theaters on May 16.

Warner Bros., IMAX