Godzilla roars – ROARS! – back onto your local movie screens this weekend in a movie titled ‘Godzilla.’ Earlier this week, we were fortunate enough to speak with the title character in ‘Godzilla,’ Godzilla – who now has starred in 30 live-action films (that’s more than Jason Segel) -- and talk about his role as Godzilla in ‘Godzilla’ and what his future plans might be.

Hello, Godzilla, it’s nice to meet you.

Whoa! Hey, I’m not quite sure what I said to elicit that reaction, but I do apologize.

I feel we got off on the wrong foot.

What can I do to make this better? Is there something you want?

I think Chi-Chi’s went out of business ten years ago. A lot has changed since your last movie.

I’m sorry, I do not have Matthew Broderick’s phone number.

Okay, if I see him, I’ll tell him that you’re looking for him.

A message? Okay, let me write that down -- “I’m … going … to … eat … you.” Okay, got it. Now, did you purposely bulk up for this role?

I meant no offense.

It’s a fair question. People are talking.

Well, I think you look nice.

What did you think of the new Batmobile?

Can I feed you a cricket?

Can I talk you out of eating me?

What actors inspire you?

Oh, that’s a surprising answer.

I only meant that I didn’t expect you to say Jeremy Renner.

Yes, ‘Bourne Legacy’ was neat.

Do you know the ‘Super 8’ monster?

Yes, he does seem nice.

If you could steal a smooch from anyone in Hollywood, who would it be?

Even though we got off to a bumpy start, I really enjoyed our time together, Godzilla. It was really great to meet you.

Mike Ryan is the senior editor of ScreenCrush. You can contact him directly on Twitter.