The following post contains minor spoilers for Nope.

Jordan Peele recently took to Twitter to post the entirety of the intro to Gordy's Home! If you saw Nope, you likely connected some of the parallels from the fictional Gordy's Home! sitcom to the situation with Jean Jacket. If you weren’t paying a lot of attention, you might think it was just there in the opening sequence to provide some early horror in a movie that starts slowly. That's not quite the case though, and upon seeing the whole clip, it becomes clear that there’s much more going on here.

The show follows a family of people working for NASA in Florida. A young Jupe plays Mikey Houston, the family’s son. A lot of the intro just feels like a quirky ’80s or ’90s sitcom, but there’s more under the surface than meets the eye. The family keeps a chimp named Gordy, who seems more or less happy to be on set. But if you look closer, he looks tired. Red around the eyes.

There’s also a shot of a young Jupe hiding underneath a table. This is likely the very same table he hides under during the later scene in the movie that reveals just what happened to Gordy and the rest of the show’s cast. At the end of the intro, Gordy and Jupe are looking out at the sky through a telescope. That’s when Gordy and Jupe fist-bump. That connects back to a scene in the film as well.

There’s a higher, more thematic octave at play here as well. Jupe never recovered from his trauma, or perhaps he was just more optimistic about it than he should have been. His plan to lure in the UFO for the sake of entertainment is a manifestation of mankind’s impulse to commodify parts of nature that can’t be tamed. If you’ve seen the movie, you know how that whole thing turned out.

Nope is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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