If you missed 'Gravity' in the theater, you missed out on the best cinematic experience of the year. People can argue about what is the better movie, but few can challenge the notion that 'Gravity' is the one movie you have to see in the theater. 'Gravity' is so immersive, watching it in a theater (especially in 3D) is really the only way to experience the film. So, if you missed out or just want another chance to see 'Gravity' on the big screen, we have good news. Warner Bros. will be putting 'Gravity' back in theaters starting next week.

Knowing that 'Gravity' is the kind of movie that is greatly improved by watching it in a big theater, Warner Bros. always had plans to re-release the movie. But, with the 2014 Oscar nominations approaching, they've decided to move up the re-release date to January 17, one day after the nominations are announced. (If it's any indication of Oscar success, 'Gravity' led the British Academy Award (BAFTA) nominations with 11 total including Best Picture.)

It's unclear exactly how many theaters 'Gravity' will be playing in during the re-release period, but a source told The Wrap it will be "more robust than a typical limited release." As of last weekend, 'Gravity' was playing in 165 theaters and we'd guess that would bump up to the 1200 range.

Other films set to open on January 17 include 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' and the Ice Cube comedy 'Ride Along' (so watching 'Gravity' is a pretty decent option).

Unless you have a 3D TV and a really kickin' surround sound system at home, you should think strongly about seeing 'Gravity' during this latest run. It really is one of the best movies of 2013 and it's made all the better watching in a theater.