It's billed as "The Greatest Sketch Ever," but is this little five-minute slice of wacky weirdness from last night's 'Late Night With Seth Meyersreally the best sketch ever? Well, probably not, but it's certainly one of the best, strangest and most original things to hit the late-night airwaves over the past few weeks, and it's definitely the kind of stuff Meyers and his crew should be doing much more of.

The plot isn't important -- there is no plot, which is the plot -- but the spirit and camaraderie is. Meyers hasn't shied away from bringing his staff of writers out onstage to help him get some laughs, and it seems like most of the team is in attendance for this bizarre little chunk of fun. Even better? It's got a heck of a closing kicker. Stick around for Meyers' last line, you won't forget it (even if you want to).