One of the most unexpectedly pleasurable treats at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September was Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room, a brutal, nasty thriller with the technically accomplished filmmaking to back it up. The indie filmmaker’s follow-up to his Sundance smash Blue Ruin was measured just right on all fronts, intense but not over-the-top, clever but not smart-alecky, alternative but not alienating. Backed up by excellent performance from Alia Shawkat and Anton Yelchin, and with Patrick Stewart chillingly playing against type, a mid-spring sleeper hit (or at the very least, a time-delayed cult favorite) could be in the making.

The teaser trailer that came to light last month clarified the simple premise that sets up the film’s onslaught of violence: the Ain’t Rights, a small-time punk outfit from D.C. in need of some quick cash, agree to play a gig at a known Nazi clubhouse. The gig goes alright, though the crowd doesn’t seem to enjoy a song called “Fuck You Nazi Punks,” but on their way out the members of the band see something they shouldn’t. The proprietors would rather the Ain’t Rights didn’t go anywhere, they’d like to be anywhere but there, and a protracted, grueling fight breaks out.

The newly released red-band trailer, embedded above, captures the spirit of the movie in ways that the green-band spot could not. Specifically, I’m referring to the shot right at the end when that arm bends back the wrong way. Some truly gruesome stuff happens to some truly vital body parts, but it‘s not just the un-shy gore that sets Green Room apart from the pack. The trailer speaks to the larger atmosphere of free-floating fear that pervades every scene from start to finish. That unrelenting tension is the real nerve-shredder in this upcoming release. April 15 can’t come soon enough.

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