If we were David Zayas, we too would be tired of letting everyone else have all the blood-shedding fun!  Thankfully, the producers of 'Grimm' have a juicy new role in mind for the 'Dexter' star.

Zayas, best known as Sergeant Angel Batista of 'Dexter' fame, will cross channels onto NBC's 'Grimm' for an upcoming installment of the supernatural thriller.  According to the report from TVLine, Zayas will take the role of "Sal Burrel", a monstrous troll-type creature known within the show as a "Hasslich".

Debuting in the 19th episode of the season entitled "Leave it to the Beavers," Zayas' character Sal is a building inspector at the head of a racketeering scheme who faces difficulties when the beaver-like Eisbiber community demand a cut of the earnings for themselves.  And if anything about that sentence made the slightest bit of logical sense to you, I give you credit for paying far more attention to 'Grimm' than I have.

In addition to his upcoming role on 'Grimm', Zayas also appeared in a guest turn for a January stint on CBS' procedural thriller 'Person of Interest', and is expected to reprise his role as Detective Batista when 'Dexter' picks up its seventh season sometime later this year.

So, good news, 'Grimm' fans?  'Grimm' hasn't exactly scared up the highest of ratings in its "Friday Night Death Slot" position, but the word on a second season is optimistic, and David Zayas might just be a recognizable enough guest-star to keep the engines churning through his guest role this May.

Does the 'Dexter' star bring enough fresh blood to get you interested, or do you prefer lighter supernatural fare like 'Once Upon a Time?'  Hit us up with your thoughts and preferences in the comments section below!