A lot of Blu-rays and DVDs put blooper reels on their DVD and Blu-ray releases, but Marvel Studios’ tend to be the best. When you get a bunch of really charismatic actors in crazy costumes and give them very silly dialogue, their inevitable mistakes are just so much funnier. Watching an actor mess around on set is funny, but watching an actor dressed like your favorite superhero goof around on set is hilarious. So, it should go without saying that the blooper reel for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is a real winner.

The video above is just a sample of the longer version that comes on the home release, but there is plenty of good stuff. Some of it is predictable, like Chris Pratt being silly because he’s Chris Pratt and that’s what Chris Pratt does. However, other moments are genuinely surprising, like when Lee Pace screws up, drops his intimidating Ronan the Accuser voice, and starts chatting in his extremely ordinary American accent. The vibe seems relaxed and friendly, like everyone is having a good time on this high-stress film set. The strangest moment comes when a blooper scene is invented for Groot and Rocket, two CGI characters who can’t actually mess up a scene. It’s weird and charming, and reminiscent of how Pixar used to create fake bloopers for its animated characters that would run over the end credits of their films.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD, but you probably already knew that. Actually, you probably already picked up a copy.