It's been 25 years since Hackers first hit the screen. Since then, computer technology has become almost unrecognizable from the prototypes seen in the 1995 sci-fi flick. But director Iain Softley believes a new Hackers movie would be more relevant than ever. In a recent interview with Collider, Softley revealed that a return to Hackers is being “actively considered.”

Softley acknowledged the ever-changing landscape of technology, and how it would affect a Hackers reboot:

It was a much more simple landscape at the time, in 1995. It’s much more complex [now]. It’s much more dangerous that it would become outdated almost as soon as the film’s released. But there are certain cast members, certainly the guys who work with Chris Nolan, DNEG, they’re approached all the time about, ‘Why isn’t there [more Hackers]?’ And on the internet, on Twitter and social media, people are asking about that possibility. So, it’s being explored.

A modern-day Hackers does have a lot of potential. A new team of high school hackers could have a field day with the massive scope of social media and other data-collecting websites. However, Softley wants to make sure a sequel is warranted before anyone moves forward. “I don’t think any of us would want to do it unless we thought it was worthwhile to do. We wouldn’t do it as just a commercial exercise,” he stated. “But there has been interest, from kind of mainstream producers. So it’s something that’s being actively considered for the first time ever, really.”

It's still unclear if Softley is talking about a sequel with returning cast members, or a reboot with all new characters. Either way, the odds of an upcoming Hackers project appear to be likely.

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