The kinds folks at 343 Industries have released the details the contents of the Halo 4 Champions Bundle. Prepare yourself for all of the goodies.

A post on Halo Waypoint shows the Champions Bundle will come packed with the Bullseye Pack, Steel Skin Pack, Infinity Armor Pack and Bonus Content that includes new stances, armor and weapons skins, as well as a new armor mod.

The Bullseye Pack comes with the Vertigo, Pitfall and the new Ricochet game mode. The Steel Skin Pack includes a number of steampunk-inspired looks with the following skins: DMR - Monocloe MCL, Carbine - Locomotive LMV, Battle Rifle - Steam STM, Lightrifle - Industrial IDT, Suppressor - Mechanical MCN, Storm Rifle - Compression CMP, Assault Rifle - Turbine TBN, Boltshot - Engine ENG, Plasma Pistol - Boilerplate BPL and Magnum - Combustion CBN.

The Infinity Armor Pack includes the legendary and classic Mark 5 armor from the original Halo: Combat Evolved, ODST armor and Forerunner armor. Pick from any three, because they're all beauts.

You'll also get five new weapon skins and eight new stances for your Player Card, upping the amount of customization available to you in the game.

Will you be grabbing this downloadable content pack for all of the goodies that it contains? Let us know in the comments below!