Disney and Lucasfilm have looked at over a thousand young actors to try and find the right person to play a young Han Solo in the upcoming spinoff film directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. They’ve narrowed that massive list down to 12 actors all of whom are expected to screentest in the coming weeks with an announcement coming soon. So, who are these young wanna-be Star Wars stars?

Variety reports that Miles Teller, Dave Franco, Ansel Elgort, Logan Lerman, Scott Eastwood and Jack Reynor are among the names who will meet in person with Lord and Miller. It’s interesting to note that at 29 and 30, Eastwood and Franco certainly aren’t young and, as of this writing, are only a few years younger than Harrison Ford was (35) when he filmed the original Star Wars.

While this article only gives a sampling of the dozen names on the list, none of them inspire a lot of confidence. Scott Eastwood certainly looks the part, but is he funny? Miles Teller and Dave Franco are funny, but do they look the part? It’s an unenviable position for Lord and Miller to find themselves in, having to recast one of the most iconic characters in movie history, but given their track record, it’s probably best to just trust them at this point. Few people thought much, if anything, of Channing Tatum before 21 Jump Street and look how well that turned out.

The untitled Han Solo film isn’t expected to open in theaters until May of 2018 and filming isn’t expected to begin until January of next year, so why are they moving so fast? Good question. In the ongoing Marvel-fication of the Star Wars universe, Disney wants whatever actor Lord and Miller choose as the new, young Han Solo to make an appearance in Star Wars: Rogue One (yes, the same Star Wars: Rogue One set to open this December) to tease the spinoff (not unlike how the new Spider-Man is making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War). Because that film takes place before the events of A New Hope, as a group of resistance fighters steal the plan to the Death Star, there could theoretically be a way to work in Han Solo, somehow, someway.