Redheaded 'Harry Potter' franchise star Rupert Grint might have grown up playing one of modern literature's greatest sidekicks, but that isn't stopping the former Ron Weasley from breaking out as a leading man, and a superhero in his own right. Following the close of the billion-dollar film franchise, Rupert Grint's next major project will take him to CBS as the leading man of upcoming single-camera comedy pilot 'Super Clyde,' but will he prove up to the task? Get the scoop on 'Super Clyde' inside!

In what has to be the least expected development of the 2013 pilot season thus far, it seems Ronald Weasly will apparate onto CBS this coming fall. Sources are reporting that 'Harry Potter' franchise star Rupert Grint has signed on for the title role of 'My Name is Earl' and 'Raising Hope' creator Greg Garcia's new CBS pilot 'Super Clyde,' a new single-camera effort with an eye toward fall 2013.

Coupled with Garcia's other CBS untitled three-camera pilot about a recently divorced man living with his parents, 'Super Clyde' follows Grint as a meek fast-food worker who takes it on himself to become a superhero. As one tends to do in that situation.

Well, what say you? Does the idea of Rupert Grint as a fast-food superhero on CBS seem too crazy to be true? What would you want to see the 'Harry Potter' star take on next? Let us know what you think of 'Super Clyde' in the comments!

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