The moment NBC announced that 'Heroes' would return in 2015 with 'Heroes Reborn,' we had to wonder how much of the original super-powered series would factor into the revival, and how much had simply been dusted off to counter the similarly-reborn '24: Live Another Day.' Now, the NBC superhero drama has confirmed its first bit of casting, returning Jack Coleman to the role of HRG, better known as Claire's father Noah Bennett.

From Deadline, Coleman has become the first original 'Heroes' alum signed to reprise his role for the revival series, and the first confirmed casting overall. The report also claims that 'American Horror Story' and 'Star Trek' star Zachary Quinto has been approached to reprise the role of Sylar, along with Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli, though neither have proven available for the moment.

When last we heard, NBC had slotted 'Heroes Reborn' for a midseason (likely 2015) premiere, though a webseries in 2014 would somewhat bridge the gap between the original incarnation and its subsequent revival. 'Nashville' star and 'Heroes' alum Hayden Panettiere had also previously been asked about 'Heroes Reborn,' though at the time she'd not yet been asked to reprise her role as immortal healing cheerleader Claire Bennett, and HRG's daughter.

The 'Heroes' Twitter account celebrated by posting this picture:

HRG Twitter Pic

Coleman's character Noah Bennett certainly makes sense as an essential puzzle piece to have in play for a 'Heroes Reborn' revival, but what say you? Will the new 'Heroes' series need more to capture the past series popularity? Tell us who you'd like to see return for 'Heroes Reborn' in the comments!

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