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'Heroes Reborn' Reveals Major Series Character Already Dead
Heroes Reborn has plenty of backstory to fill in between the four-year gap of Heroes’ fourth season finale and our October premiere, but already one of the series’ biggest characters has fallen. Only a few past cast members will reprise their roles for Heroes Reborn, but which hero surprisingly bit the big one in the interim?
NBC's 'Heroes Reborn' Debuts Colorful New Motion Posters
Heroes Reborn finally lifted the curtain a bit last week, confirming itself as an actual thing NBC is doing by a first trailer. Familiar faces were in short supply however, and now the new (and old!) Heroes have their own character posters to confirm that they too, were contractually hired to act in an actual Heroes revival. Let’s watch in horror, shall we?
NBC 'Heroes Reborn' Finally Unleashes Full Trailer
After a vague announcement way back in February 2014, NBC’s Heroes has finally made good on its threat to return as the revived Heroes Reborn. No mere teaser, our first full footage sees plenty of heroes on the run, old and familiar faces alike, while the network’s full synopsis teases a major tragedy, and not just that Heroes Reborn is actually happening.
NBC 'Heroes Reborn' and 'Grimm' Set for Comic-Con 2015
It just wouldn’t be Comic-Con without further superheroes to toss into the mix, and NBC’s Heroes Reborn is happy to oblige, by way of … you know, still existing. The superhero drama will return to San Diego for Comic-Con 2015 after a number of years away, along with NBC’s Grimm.
NBC 'Heroes Reborn' Casts Robbie Kay
Initially announced at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, NBC’s Heroes Reborn has had something of a staggered development, between Jack Coleman’s return as Noah Bennett, Chuck star Zachary Levi’s addition, and, well … that’s it. Until now! Once Upon a Time and Pirates star Robbie Kay has joined the Heroes cast, cementing that this thing is definitely still happening. Really!
NBC 'Heroes Reborn' Trailer Teaser
As somebody regrettably reminded NBC they’d announced ‘Heroes Reborn’ back in 2014, the rebirth of the once-mighty superhero drama continues powering up for its summer premiere. Enter the first trailer-teaser aired during the Super Bowl, as HRG takes on his most fearsome enemy yet: Chuck Bartowski!
NBC's 'Heroes Reborn' Casts Zachary Levi
Just when it seemed enough time had past that NBC might simply have forgotten its ill-advised ‘Heroes’ revival ‘Heroes Reborn,’ someone went and reminded them. Following the lone casting of original series star Jack Coleman, the peacock now reports that ‘Chuck’ star Zachary Levi will lead the new incarnation of Tim Kring’s ‘Heroes’ in a major role.

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