We’re still on the fence as to whether NBC would be cruel enough to subject humanity to a genuine Heroes Reborn revival, though the network today tosses another original series star into the mix. Sendhil Ramamurthy has officially signed to reprise the role of Mohinder Suresh, sure to shepherd the new … the new … say, did it just get sleepy in here?

Deadline broke word of Ramamurthy’s return to the role of Mohinder, though as with several other recent additions, it seems the appearance will prove more of a guest arc than anything. Ramamurthy notably provided much of the series’ familiar ::yawn:: uh, voiceovers, in addition to his arcs as a geneticist investigating his father’s murder, and subsequent transformation into some kind of … spider … cocoon … strong … Zzz ..

Where am I?

You fell asleep in the middle of writing about Heroes Reborn.

Oh. Who are you?

Think of me as the spirit of Heroes Reborn, of all revivals, if you will. I have taken precious minutes away from relaunching Coach to assure you that Heroes Reborn is actually happening, and no amount of sardonic headlines may afflict this.

Huh. Listen, if I’m dreaming, can I meet Christina Hendricks?


How about just a GIF of Shaquille O’Neal shimmying at a cat, then?

Shaquille Cat

Cool. So, I probably shouldn’t stay very long, but you’re telling me Heroes Reborn … isn’t … a deliriously elaborate prank on NBC’s behalf? I’ve seen every episode of Union Square, and at least one commercial for Animal Practice, so forgive me if I struggle with their sense of humor.

You’re a brave soul, but remember, Sendhil Ramamurthy, like the other stars of Heroes Reborn, is a hard-working actor and a good person, deserving of an article you stayed conscious for.

He was on Beauty and the Beast, you know.

And we’ll all atone for that, some day. Now if you please, WAKE U -

:::Picks head up from desk, admires Shaquille GIF longingly:::

Right. Well, so reads the official Heroes Reborn logline:

From original creator Tim Kring, the supernatural phenomenon begins again with a fresh crop of inspiring heroes who take on the ultimate struggle between those with extraordinary abilities and those with nefarious motives to hunt and harness their powers. Epic adventures await these newly empowered allies as they cross paths with some of the original characters (such as the beloved “HRG” and fan-favorite time-traveler Hiro Nakamura), unlocking the mysterious fate of the universe and their place within it.

In addition to Chuck / Thor: the Dark World star Zachary Levi, Heroes Reborn boasts among its cast Orphan Black alum Dylan Bruce, Once Upon A Time villain Robbie Kay, Ryan Guzman, Danika Yarosh, Judith Shekoni, Kiki Sukezane, Henry Zebrowski and Gatlin Green. Returning from the original cast thus far are Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura) and Jimmy-Jean Louis (The Haitian).

Past series leads Zachary Quinto, Ali Larter and Milo Ventimiglia all previously shot down the possibility of returning to the Heroes franchise, along with Nashville star and series alum Hayden Panettiere. Heroes Reborn will premiere on Thursdays this fall at 8:00 P.M., if fever dreams of shimmying NBA legends are to be believed.

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