After the renewed success of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise we're surprised it's taken this long for Paul Walker to capitalize on his hit sequels -- Vin Diesel already has 'Riddick' in the can. But now Walker's signed on for a new movie and possible franchise as he's going to lead the reboot of 'Hitman' for 20th Century Fox.

This comes from Deadline Hollywood, and they note that the script comes from Mike Finch and Skip Woods. Woods wrote the first filmed version of 'Hitman' so it's possible this script was originally intended to be a sequel. The director is Aleksander Bach, who's a commercials director making the move to the big screen.

'Hitman' was turned into a movie previously in 2007, and starred Timothy Olyphant and Olga Kurylenko. That film came out for Thanksgiving and ended up grossing less than $40 million domestically, and a little less than $100 million worldwide.

If you've never played the video game, it involves a bald hitman who sneaks around and assassinates people and can be a lot of fun if you manage to be quiet enough not to caught. The first film was R-rated, this seems likely to get a more audience friendly PG-13, and will begin shooting this summer.