Macaulay Culkin will forever remain best known for his role as Kevin McAllister, the clever, quick-thinking, wise-cracking kid whose parents left him home alone not once, but twice during the holidays. The musician and semi-retired actor has emerged to star in a short for former Moldy Peaches’ guitarist Jack Dishel’s new YouTube series, the first episode of which examines the life of Home Alone’s Kevin, all grown up and no longer home or alone.

Culkin appears in the premiere episode of the new satirical series :DRYVRS, which features a different, quirky driver from a fictional Uber-like service in each installment. The former Home Alone star picks Dishel up from a gas station, and it’s not long before he’s spewing profanities about his wife and that time his parents left him alone during Christmas when he was just eight years old. Clearly grown-up Kevin is suffering from some intense PTSD after his encounter with the two violent robbers who invaded his home while his parents were away, and although he survived the ordeal thanks to some clever trap-setting, Kevin is not even close to over it.

He also talks about the mistake of marrying his childhood sweetheart, Anna — is that a nod to his My Girl co-star Anna Chlumsky? We can dream.

If you grew up in the ’90s, you might be a fan of Macaulay Culkin’s career trajectory, which took him from childhood roles in Home Alone and The Good Son to his more mature and edgy part in the underrated Party Monster. These days, Culkin is a member of The Pizza Underground, a band that covers Velvet Underground tunes, repurposing the lyrics to make them about pizza instead of drugs.

And if you’re a fan of Culkin and Home Alone, this is definitely the video you’ve been wanting to see for over half of your life.

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