Sadly, we'll soon have reached an age in which Dr. Gregory 'House' has retired from the limelight, and eight years of acerbic medical drama will have sailed off into the sunset.  But before we do, you'd better believe we're getting some good guest stars, right?!  So with more than a few past cast members set to return, which reprisal aren't you expecting?

In addition to the reveal that Olivia Wilde's Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Chase would return for not only the 'House' series finale, but its penultimate episode, now TVLine has gotten word that yet another 'House' alum will put in an appearance.  Put your paddles together for Amber Tamblyn's Dr. Martha Masters, returning to the fold!  Sharing the news on the red carpet of 'House's wrap party, Tamblyn disclosed that show-runner David Shore had emailed her, “So, are you going to come back and do this thing or what," to which she simply replied "Duh."

Though Tamblyn will return, having sat out all of 'House's eighth season to date, Masters isn't the only character who's face people will be surprised to see.  Reportedly, Kal Penn will also appear reprising his character of Dr. Lawrence Kutner, interesting considering that character blew his brains out (in reality, Penn accepted a job with the Obama administration, which he's since left).  So what do we think?  Ghost?  Hallucination?  Is the series finale title "Everybody Dies" more ominous than we'd like to look into?

So if Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn and Amber Tamblyn (but no Lisa Edelstein, frownie face) aren't enough, how about a further ominous portent of the end, in the official poster for 'House's two-hour series finale!  The episode will air on Monday, May 21, the first hour providing an eight-year retrospective into the hit Hugh Laurie medical drama.

What are you most excited to see from the finale of 'House?'  Do you really think that "Everybody Dies?"  Check out the poster, and give us your take in the comments!