While we still await an official announcement on 'How I Met Your Mother's ninth season, likely to come this weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour, we're at least happy that this coming Monday will see the gang return to deal with the big engagement of "The Final Page, Part 2." So what it is about January 14 episode "Band or DJ?" that has Barney having panic attacks and dyeing his hair? Find out in the latest 'How I Met Your Mother' preview inside!

Assuming you're up to date on your 'How I Met Your Mother,' the long-running CBS series has quite a bit to deal with when it returns on Monday, January 14 with "Band or DJ?" Not only will Ted have to once again face Robin's re-ignited relationship with Barney, but Barney himself will have to first secure permission from Robin's father Robin Sr. (Ray Wise) to make is proposal official.

Facing down a former 'Twin Peaks' killer would be scary enough of course, without Barney's latent commitment fears rearing their head, as in the latest 'How I Met Your Mother' promo. We know from flash-forwards that Barney will still have his issues right down to the wedding day, but to what extremes will they take him in the intervening season?

Check out the latest clip from 'How I Met Your Mother's return episode "Band or DJ?," airing this Monday on CBS, and give us your prediction for the rest of the season in the comments!