You too, Lionsgate? It looks like Gary Ross is going to have to really fight the studio to direct 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' if he wants to return for the sequel. After doing such a wonderful job with 'The Hunger Games,' it's sad to see that Lionsgate isn't particularly keen on signing up the film's writer/director to the sequel right away. The question is, Why are they so hesitant to bring the seasoned director back on board?

The Hollywood Reporter says that Lionsgate was already stingy with how much they were willing to pay Gary Ross for his writing and directing duties the first time around. That only means they're growing increasingly difficult to negotiate with now that they have a mega hit in their pocket that easily will be one of the biggest movie franchises in the company's history. Domestically alone 'The Hunger Games' has made an estimated $253 million and is still holding strong.

So where does Gary Ross fit into the future of 'The Hunger Games' franchise? It depends on how negotiations will work out between him and Lionsgate. Since they now have a big franchise in their hands, even bigger than they were expecting while they began production, Gary Ross is definitely going to want a pay raise. But is Lionsgate willing to do that? That remains to be seen. They could go the cheaper route and just tell Gary Ross to hit the bricks, find a lower-cost director and stick with whoever they choose.

Now we open up the question to all of you. Would you like to see Gary Ross back in the director's chair for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' or would you want to see another filmmaker take the reigns? And if you want another person on the sequel, who would it be?

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