In the first trailer for 'Hyde Park on Hudson,' watch Bill Murray take on a very different role as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this quirky period piece.

The trailer showcases Murray in a very different, but still familiar sort of role as President Roosevelt. Murray has been selective about his roles in recent years, and this one looks like a return to Oscar territory.

'Hyde Park on Hudson' takes place in 1939, when President Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor invited Queen Elizabeth to vacation at their home in upstate New York. It was the first time a British monarch set foot on American soil, and the women in Roosevelt's life sought to make the trip a memorable one. The fantastic Laura Linney plays Daisy, Roosevelt's neighbor and friend, and the film takes place from her point of view.

Appearing alongside Murray and Linney are Samuel West, Olivia Colman, and Murray's 'Rushmore' co-star Olivia Williams in what appears to be a delightful little comedy elevated by the presence of Murray as one of our nation's greatest presidents.

'Hyde Park on Hudson' has no specific release date as of yet, though it is set to hit theaters some time this year.