'Identity Thief' has been in theaters for less than two weeks and it's already grossed $76 million at the box office, an enormous amount for a modestly budgeted comedy with a known but untested leading lady. Although critics haven't been as kind as audiences, $100 million is a sure thing at this point and we wouldn't rule out $150 million if March is kind to it. So of course Universal has already thought about an 'Identity Thief 2.' They probably thought about it two weeks ago.

The news about a possible sequel to the Melissa McCarthy-Jason Bateman comedy was broached during an interview between The Hollywood Reporter and Universal chairman Adam Fogelson, who helped lead the studio to its highest grossing year ever in 2012. In between questions about major franchises, and the careers of Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise, he was asked if anyone was talking about an 'Identity Thief 2.' He replied:

"Absolutely a conversation that we're having. We think we created great characters, so we'll discuss how to re-pair Jason [Bateman] and Melissa going forward."

Short. Sweet. To the point. Nothing confirmed, nothing denied. No wonder he's a successful businessman.

The big question would be the availability of McCarthy herself, who recently started her own production company and probably has a full plate. We imagine it's hard to not stay busy when you're an Oscar-nominated comedy star who is riding her sudden success to box office gold. However, considering the profit that 'Identity Thief' will undoubtedly make for Universal and the check the studio will make out in her name, expect a sequel announcement sooner rather than later.