While we're waiting to see Jason Bateman star alongside his 'Arrested Development' castmates once again for the Netflix debut of the series' fourth season, he's got some Hobbit hunting to do. At least, that's what his character thinks lies ahead in the new 'Identity Thief' trailer, but what he gets is a not-so-Bilbo-like Melissa McCarthy who's ready to sock him in the face at a moment's notice.

Bateman and McCarthy star in this upcoming comedy about a Florida woman who steals a man's identity, thereby destroying his credit. In an attempt to bring the rightful party to justice, Bateman travels down to the Sunshine State to confront his nemesis. "She's like a Hobbit. I'm going after Bilbo." Oh, if only that were true. Pretty soon the duo get wrapped up in some gunslinging action as it turns out McCarthy owes some thugs a lot of money.

Also featured in the new trailer is Erice Stonestreet from 'Modern Family' fame who plays a hysterical cowboy McCarthy is trying to get it on with. Obviously, this doesn't bode well for Bateman as he's trying to bring her back home to settle his bad credit once and for all.

Watch the brand-new 'Identity Thief' trailer below, and let us know what you think of the film in the comments.