File this under "worst ideas ever." Pauly Shore and Andy Dick are reportedly collaborating on a sequel to Shore's 1994 comedy, 'In the Army Now.'

According to Vulture, Shore appeared on Andy Dick's web series, and while there the two decided to collaborate on a sequel to 'In the Army Now,' that hidden comedic gem from the days of yore. Shore said, "We just need a script and someone to back the project and I'm in."

You hear that, rich people with disposable income? Pauly Shore just needs a little cash and then he can make a sequel no one wants to a movie no one likes! And hey, if you sort of know how to write because you have your own blog and a vague grasp of the English language, you could be a famous screenwriter. All you need to do is send Pauly Shore and Andy Dick your brilliant 'In the Army Now' spec script, and you'll be drowning in Ed Hardy t-shirts and Axe body spray in no time!

We should make a pact with Hollywood, right here and now. If Pauly Shore and Andy Dick turn in a sequel to 'In the Army Now,' you guys just smile and nod and tell them it's great, but you need to work on a marketing strategy. Then you take that movie and burn it in a fire. Consider it our birthday present for... well, forever.