We have liftoff! Seventeen years after 'Independence Day' blew up the White House and became one of the biggest summer blockbusters in cinema history, it has been confirmed that Roland Emmerich will, by all accounts, make a sequel to the sci-fi epic. But are you actually looking forward to it?

As was announced last week, 'Independence Day 2' has secured a release date of July 3, 2015. That's almost 20 years after the first 'ID4' showed up on July 3, 1996. That film went on to make $817 million worldwide, which is impressive even by today's standards, and it is still regarded as one of the films that revitalized the spectacle of the summer blockbuster.

But is it just too late? And if not too late, is it simply unnecessary? Though it was a financial success, do people really regard 'Independence Day' highly, or is Emmerich and distributor 20th Century Fox taking a foolhardy chance on a property that has long been dismissed by the general public? Add to that the revelation that Will Smith will not be involved, and 'ID4 2' appears to be a megabudget gamble.

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