We've heard from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller that there were licensed characters they tried to get into 'The LEGO Movie' alongside Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Michelangelo, Gandalf and some of the other cameos, but up until know, we haven't heard which characters didn't make the cut. Today, we get a much better look at which characters Lord and Miller had hoped would join Emmet and Wyldstyle on their adventure (and which ones could still show up for the sequel). SPOILERS AHEAD for those who still haven't seen 'The LEGO Movie'!

When we talked to Lord and Miller when 'The LEGO Movie' hit theaters, they told us they got "almost all" the licensed characters they wanted to appear in the film. But, who didn't get approved?

According to the film's early script (via Film Divider), 'The LEGO Movie' would have originally included Indiana Jones and Harry Potter as well as additional characters from the 'Lord of the Rings' universe. The script also called for a much larger role for 'Star Wars' characters Chewbacca and R2-D2, who would've joined the gang for much of the film, with Han Solo joining the team for the final battle (there also would've been a great bit where Indy and Han Solo bumped into each other with a "you look familiar..." type moment).

'The LEGO Movie' was able to keep Han Solo, Chewy and R2 in the film, but only as minor cameos and their absence was filled with Batman, who was much more of a supporting character in the original script. Indy would've been featured in the film's original opening scene, where he discovers the Kragle in an homage to the opening of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' only to have it stolen by Lord Business (then called "Black Falcon" in the script).

While, they did get to keep Dumbledore for a brief gag with Gandalf, there was originally a larger part for both the 'Harry Potter' and 'Lord of the Rings' universes as Harry himself and unnamed Hobbits all pitched in during the final battle, which, considering the amount of star-powered cameos, sounds like the end of 'Anchorman 2'.

Both Lord and Miller have said that they hope the powers that be change their mind for the sequel and, as we hear what they originally had in mind, we hope so too.