The latest downloadable content character for Injustice: Gods Among Us has been revealed as General Zod. Who do we thank for this revelation? Coco.

In a segment called "Clueless Gamer," Conan O'Brien played a bit of Injustice: Gods Among Us for the first time, and wondered why Superman didn't just destroy everyone by default. As he was scrolling through the character select screen, it was revealed that General Zod would be the next DLC character for the game.

After getting his butt handed to him round after round, he decided to try out Zod and... got his butt handed to him again. But at least we got to see some of Zod's moves and his cocky style of fighting. And, according to O'Brien, he becomes the Pope after he wins a match.

Watch the video above and let us know if you'll be getting some Zod in your game.