HBO's 'The Newsroom' won't return until much later this year, even then taking a surprising season 3 bow-out to end the series, but the legacy of Aaron Sorkin parody remains as ripe as ever. Watch Amy Schumer and 'Sports Night' veteran Josh Charles capture that classic Sorkin style in new 'Inside Amy Schumer' parody 'The Foodroom.' And, yes, there's walk-and-talk.

Fresh off his role on CBS drama 'The Good Wife,' former 'Sports Night' star Josh Charles leads the spot-on Sorkin parody (via Slate) as J.J. McAhoy, fast-food restaurant manager with the usual blend of professional respect and sexual tension with female subordinate Schumer. And as tends to be the criticism of Sorkin's work, Schumer even spells out "a woman's life is worth nothing unless she's making a great man greater."

Three episodes deep into its second order, 'Inside Amy Schumer' has not yet been formally renewed for season 3, but remains one of Comedy Central's stronger comedian vehicles. Meanwhile, 'The Newsroom' has yet to make any formal declarations of its impending third series, other than to say the Jeff Daniels-starring drama will close up shop after the third run.

Watch Amy Schumer and Josh Charles' take on Sorkin above, and tell us if you think the parody nails it in the comments!

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