It's arguable that the Coen Brothers are the greatest working directors of our day. Sure, there's Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino (among others), but Joel and Ethan Coen have delivered some of the best films of all time, and some of the greatest films of the last ten years. Their latest, 'Inside Llewyn Davis,' opens in December and it's likely that it will be another Oscar favorite.

The film stars Oscar Isaac as the titular Davis, a folk singer who struggles with his place in the scene, and the strong possibility that he'll be someone who almost got there. Isaac's an actor who's been on the cusp for a while now, and from his roles in films like 'Drive' and 'Sucker Punch,' it's obvious that he's on the verge of stardom.

But we're also curious about what this film will do for the career of Garrett Hedlund. He was given some prime leading roles in films that failed to break through (read: 'Tron: Legacy'), though it's hard to say if any of that is his fault. Working with the Coens might be the best thing to ever happen to him, as it could be a chance for the actor to have a memorable role, something that has eluded him thus far. 'Inside Llewyn Davis' opens December 6, but word out of Cannes was very positive (it won the Grand Prix), so expect the film to come up a lot during Oscar season.

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