We're used to seeing the last minute additions of actors join the cast for random superhero movies, but the character that's being cast for 'Iron Man 3' has some fans scratching their heads. It's not that they don't want to see the character on the big screen, but how will he fit in the grand scheme of the story?

Actor Ashley Hamilton is in the middle of talks to join the cast of 'Iron Man 3,' reports Variety. If he does sign on, he'd take on the role of Firepower, a character in the Marvel comics whose experimental government suit - created by Project: Firepower - is powerful enough to stand against and even beat Iron Man.

Fans at this point should already be questioning how possibly bloated 'Iron Man 3' may be if all of the character rumors are true. There's already been talk of the Mandarin appearing in the movie along with Coldblood. Sandwich that with the "Extremis" story line and we've already got bulked up movie. But add Firepower in it? That may be a bit much.

If it was our guess Firepower at most would end up being one of the henchmen to the Mandarin, but even that wouldn't make too much sense. The Mandarin is already a powerful character with plenty of henchmen to throw at Iron Man, he wouldn't exactly need Firepower.

Jon Favreau, the actor who plays Happy, not only confirmed that he'll be playing the character but that he's shooting his part as we speak. At least it seems that way from the tweet below. One wonders how much longer it'll take for Happy to finally steal Pepper Potts away from Tony:

'Iron Man 3' is currently filming with Shane Black directing.