The upcoming Sicario sequel has added a new cast member: Transformers: The Last Knight’s Isabela Moner. Moner joins Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, and Catherine Keener, and it actually sounds like she’ll be a pretty pivotal character.

Deadline reports that Moner’s character in Soldado is the daughter of a drug cartel leader who becomes instrumental in Del Toro and Brolin’s plan to take him and his cartel down. She is described as “stubborn,” which might be the reason she cut her hair super-short for her new role, as she revealed on Twitter.

The haircut looks very cool, but I’m a little bit distracted by that giant plate of strawberries and whatever that other food item is, which looks equally delicious. Will strawberries feature prominently in Soldado? Is that what the cartel is trafficking this time?

Sicario was notable for being a hard-boiled, violent, and intense movie that had a complicated and interesting woman in the main role. Soldado featuring a young girl in such a prominent position in the story means that they haven’t lost sight of the spirit of the first one. Heck, Catherine Keener’s character is Brolin’s character’s tough-as-nails CIA boss who has to figure out how to handle him and his firestarter friend. There are strong women all over this franchise.

According to Deadline:

The follow-up focuses on Alejandro Gillick (Del Toro), the shadowy, Man on Fire-like protagonist and CIA agent Matt Graver (Brolin), who in the first film established themselves as hellbent on hunting down cartel kingpins, no matter what. Moner plays the stubborn daughter of the drug cartel leader that becomes the center of Matt and Alejandro‘s undercover operation to provoke a war that her daddy will surely lose.