No, Hollywood. No. Rob Cohen - the director behind 'Stealth' and the first 'Fast and Furious' film - is looking to turn the life of Sir Isaac Newton into an action movie franchise.

Newton, whose theories of gravity were supposedly based on watching apples fall (with the more colorful variant being that he discovered his theories after one fell on his head), did spend time as chief detective and head of British mint, so if this were to go the more 'Sherlock' route, maybe there's something there.

But it's Rob Cohen. And we can imagine Newton dodging apples in bullet time.

Cohen is not only planning to direct this but write it as well, according to Variety. On top of which there will also be graphic novels about the subject matter. We blame this on 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' so if that does poorly it will likely be a strike against this Newton film. Cohen is also finishing his Tyler Perry-crossover movie 'Alex Cross,' and if that does badly this could die with it. Fingers crossed.

It takes a special talent to bring history alive, but Cohen's greatest talent is his ability to keep working after films like 'Stealth' and 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.'