Johnny Knoxville slaps on the latex once again to play irresponsible senior citizen Irving Zisman in 'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa', coming to theaters this October. A new poster for the raunchy comedy has arrived, as well as an amusing VMA promo featuring Robin Thicke.

The poster is nothing very special, as you can see below, but it sets up the film handily: Knoxville's character is saddled with a small child with whom he'll get into all sorts of naughty situations. He's also got a six-pack of beer, which makes him a really...bad grandpa.

For a further idea of how Irving operates, check out the VMA spot. Zisman and grandson (played by Jackson Nicholl) climb aboard a decked-out ice cream truck - with Thicke inside - headed to the VMAs. Sexy ladies and lewd comments follow.

If you missed the trailer, you might want to check it out. You'll be ashamed of your own laughter...

'Bad Grandpa' opens on October 25.