If you interview the star of a major franchise and you don’t ask them about the future of said franchise, then did your interview ever really happen at all? We may never know the answer to such existential journalistic questions, but thanks to a new interview, we now know how Jai Courtney feels about the possibility of making more Terminator movies. The answer: No…but maybe yes?

Terminator Genisys wasn’t necessarily the worst sequel in the franchise; the casting was a bit off and there were some interesting concepts that didn’t quite come together, but it wasn’t entirely bad. And despite disappointing box office returns in the U.S., Genisys grossed enough worldwide to justify a sequel — if the studio wanted to make one, and as of now, it looks like they don’t.

They’re not alone: Back in April, Emilia Clarke said she wants nothing to do with future Terminator films, and it looks like Jai Courtney is (mostly) in her corner. While speaking with Business Insider, the Suicide Squad star said he thinks it might be time to give the franchise a rest…unless, well, we’ll let him explain:

If it seems like an obvious movie to make then cool. But with ‘Terminator,’ who knows, it’s probably time to leave it where it is. But if they can get back in there and dig around and decide there is another film to make, I’ll take the call.

What would be “an obvious movie to make”? After five films and a short-lived television series that hardly anyone watched, could there possibly be more story to tell? At this point the tale of Sarah and John Connor has become redundant thanks to a few convenient timeline resets that have kept the series running in circles.

The bottom line is that Jai Courtney thinks we should just leave this series alone already, unless you have a cool idea for a sequel that Jai Courtney can be in, then maybe give Jai Courtney a call.

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