For a while there, Hollywood movies would cast older, respectable Black actors as presidents. Think Morgan Freeman in 'Deep Impact' or Danny Glover in '2012.' But that was before Barrack Obama became the president, and so it looks like the upcoming 'White House Down' is going with the more modern variant. Jamie Foxx is up to play that film's commander-in-chief.

This comes from Variety, who reports that the Oscar-winning Foxx would be red hot coming off of 'Django Unchained,' so a big budget studio blockbuster might be in order. It wouldn't be Foxx's first go around with action, as he appeared in 'Miami Vice,' 'Stealth' and (back when Hollywood didn't know what to do with him) 'Bait.' Which means that Foxx would likely do some defending himself, alongside the already-cast Channing Tatum. The film is being directed by Roland Emmerich.

The film is looking to start shooting this August, which would likely mean a late 2013 release (the earliest seems August, though it could be a November release), Variety also notes there's no offer on the table yet, so this is very tentative.

We have to say the first thing we thought of with this casting news was Foxx's cameo on the 'Chappelle Show' as black Tony Blair, for whatever reason.