The Suicide Squad sequel has been a little up in the air recently without a director (remember when we thought Mel Gibson was gonna take it on?), but today brings news that Jaume Collet-Serra, director of such films as The Shallows, Orphan, and Non-Stop, is the current frontrunner for the movie.

Deadline brings the news that the Spanish director is first in line for Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad 2, which will see Will Smith and Margot Robbie reluctantly team back up with their jailbird compatriots to stop crime while trying not to do too much damage themselves. Suicide Squad wasn’t exactly a hit, but it made a ton of money internationally — and Collet-Serra actually piques our interest a bit. He’s the kind of director who can make the blandest, most genre-bound ideas into fascinating films. Take last year’s The Shallows, for example: a surprisingly great shark horror movie that folds a compact character study into the larger narrative of a woman trying to stay alive while trapped on a rock at the mercy of a bloodthirsty beast.

Collet-Serra has Liam Neeson vehicle The Commuter opening in 2018, and is also slated to direct Waco, a film about the famous standoff between the Branch Davidian cult and FBI and Texas law enforcement that transformed a suburb of Waco, Texas into a battleground. That movie has a script by Zero Dark Thirty’s Mark Boal and Kubo and the Two Strings’ Marc Haimes (so let’s hope he gets to that one first).

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