As October approaches a midway, we’ve comfortably settled into a late-night landscape that sees Stephen Colbert taking over The Late Show for David Letterman, and well after Jay Leno finally abandoned The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon. That hasn’t stopped the old guard from feuding now and again, as it seems Leno pointedly refused to take part in Letterman’s final CBS sendoff.

A new interview with Adweek for Leno’s forthcoming CNBC series Jay Leno’s Garage sees the former Tonight Show host addressing his one-time rival’s own exit from the late-night throne, one he’d apparently decided not to contribute to. Leno noted that Letterman had similarly abstained from any of Leno’s final outings, to which he was only happy to return the favor:

Well, I asked Dave to do a 10-second tape for us [when I left]. Anything, just, “Leno who?” They said no, they didn’t want to do it. Well, why am I going to run all the way to New York? I mean, quid pro quo. I just said, “No, that’s kind of silly.”

Leno also acknowledged the occasional viewing of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, as well as Late Night With Seth Meyers, otherwise ignoring most of the late-night landscape. Of course, Leno was willing to make the trip to New York for last night’s Fallon showcase, jumping in on the monologue for old time’s sake.

In the meantime, Jay Leno’s Garage premieres tonight at 10:00 P.M. on CNBC, based on the YouTube series of the same name.

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