Most 20-year-olds spend their early mornings getting ready for work or school (or maybe sleeping off the previous night's kegger). But on January 25th of last year, 'The Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence spent her pre-dawn hours in raucous celebration after she found out she'd been nominated for an Oscar. While she looks calm and composed on the Oscar red carpet above, below you can see what it looks like when a 20-year-old finds out she's been nominated for Best Actress.

The photo below was taken at the precise moment that Lawrence, her family, and boyfriend Nicholas Hoult (her 'X-Men: First Class' co-star) learned she'd been nominated for Best Actress for her work in 'Winter's Bone.'

At the ripe old age of 20, she was the second-youngest actress ever to get the nod (Keisha Castle-Hughes was only 13 when she was singled out for 2002's 'Whale Rider'). And while Lawrence lost the golden trophy to Natalie Portman on awards night, the sheer joy captured here will never be erased.

Come on. How cute are her parents in their matching robes?