It's been awhile since we've heard much in the way of news from Jennifer Love Hewitt's titillating Lifetime series 'The Client List,' set to debut its second season on March 10. Now we haven't exactly been spending all our free time amassing GIFs of J-Love from the first season, but we're not very good liars either. So you can imagine our surprise at recent rumors that Jennifer Love Hewitt would be shooting multiple scenes in the buff for the coming season, but how will Lifetime show them without shattering TV screens across the globe?

There were at least two reasons a number of men tuned in to watch the first season of Jennifer Love Hewitt's racy Lifetime drama 'The Client List,' and despite conservative efforts to scale back said assets, the censors might have their hands full with season 2. New reports from the National Enquirer (yeah, okay, but still) reveal that Jennifer Love Hewitt has been working out four days a week in preparation for the coming season, which will feature multiple nude scenes!

So, what's the catch?

When The Client List debuted on Lifetime TV, star JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT threw network execs a curve – a whole bunch of ’em! – slinking on-screen in a provocative lingerie wardrobe that helped turn her show into a smash sex-cess! But now honchos have persuaded the smokin’ hot beauty to work even MORE magic in Season 2 – by shooting NUDE scenes.

The naughty bits will be blurred a bit, but guys will still thrill to ogling the lovely Love Hewitt. And just to make sure she keeps us attentive, guys, the 33-year-old stacked-tress is working out four days a week to make sure her bod looks tight and right!

Granted, the National Enquirer tends to sensationalize, and any purported nude scenes on Lifetime would be little more than pure exploitation, but as the proud makers of said GIF's gallery, we've decided to be okay with that.

What say you? Is a red-band DVD of 'The Client List' season 2 in your future? Tell us if you'll tune in for Jennifer Love Hewitt's... contributions... in the comments!