Yep, it’s official. Jessica Chastain will oppose the X-Men in Dark Phoenix, which is currently in production in Montreal. The actress shared two Instagrams of herself and James McAvoy, a.k.a. Charles Xavier, from what’s probably The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’s red carpet and a screencap from that movie itself. She won’t say who she’s playing in Dark Phoenix, but we might know already.

Chastain was rumored to have joined the cast back in June, and then another rumor popped up that she could be playing Lilandra, the alien empress who gets a bunch of the galaxy together to hunt for Jean Grey after the X-Man goes, well, rogue and accidentally destroys an entire civilization. We all have bad days.

Chastain’s caption for her Instagram reads: “Hey [James McAvoy] you ready for me up in Montreal? I’m gonna make you cry so hard.”

We do know that Dazzler will be in the new X-Men movie, but Fox has been mum on that casting matter. Will the mutant pop star be played by an actual, real-life musician? It’s unlikely that Chastain will be playing her, since she’s clearly got something more nefarious planned for this movie.

For the Dark Phoenix storyline, Lilandra seems the most likely choice, but no one involved with the project will say for sure. I just know I would pay lots of money to see Chastain suited up as some alien queen beating the tar out of a few dinky mutants.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters November 2, 2018.

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