The Jim Henson Company is creating a new line of puppets for an upcoming TV pilot -- and apparently they're not Muppets. In fact, we're not exactly sure what they're going to be yet.

According to a press release issued by BBC One, the company named after the late father of the Muppets is providing the British network with a new cast of puppets for a pilot with the working title 'No Strings Attached' (puppets, strings, get it?). The show's description reads as follows:


"A brand new cast of puppet characters will invite two celebrity guests to enter their world. The guests will go head to head in a series of unique games run by the cast of characters and take part in a variety of sketches, in what will be a warm, cheeky, family affair fuelled by a healthy dose of off-the-wall, madcap fun."


The Henson Company is actually co-producing the show as well, with Brian Henson on board as lead puppeteer for the new creations, which have been made at the Henson Creature shop in Los Angeles. The lead writer is Danny Baker, a longtime writer and presenter on British television.

There are no details, however, on what these creatures are supposed to be, or if they have any sort of connection at all to the Muppets (probably not). While the show's premise sounds somewhat dubious, we're curious to see what the minds at Henson have come up with this time around.

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