Far-flung a future as it might seem to imagine Jimmy Fallon at the helm of 'The Tonight Show' in New York by the year 2014, it's even stranger to consider the next generation of late-night wars being set up. If indeed Jimmy Fallon leaves behind NBC's 'Late Night' for 'The Tonight Show' at any point in the future, who might replace him in the subsequent slot? Is 'SNL' veteran and current head writer Seth Meyers on the short list?

While Jay Leno continues making jokes at NBC's expense, and Jimmy Fallon keeps largely silent about the possibility, the future of both 'Late Night' and late-night in general may soon be upon us. Amid rumors that Jimmy Fallon will pilot 'The Tonight Show' back to New York in 2014, the New York Post places 'SNL' vet and current 'Weekend Update' hot Seth Meyers as one of the likely candidates to succeed Jimmy Fallon as the host of NBC's 'Late Night.'

The Post's source claims that 'SNL' head and NBC magnate Lorne Michaels “wants Seth to take over from Fallon. It would be perfect for him.” Then again, the rumors could very well have as much validity as those that placed Meyers as Regis Philbin's successor with Kelly Ripa.

It could be some time yet before anything becomes official, but in the meantime what say you? Would you like to see Seth Meyers join 'Late Night,' potentially next in line for 'The Tonight Show' himself one day? Tell us who you want to win the late-night wars in the comments!

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