J.K. Simmons — along with Michael Keaton — recently parted ways with Kong: Skull Island, but he still has some other (potential) big franchise plans. Simmons was one of the best parts of the mostly not-great Terminator Genisys, fully committing to his role as a frazzled cop and genuinely appearing to have fun with the film, which really needed it. The actor has now revealed that he’s signed on for more Terminator sequels, guaranteeing that if there are more of these movies, we can at least look forward to his part in them.

Just yesterday, we reported on potential sequel plans from writers Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis, who discussed Matt Smith’s key role in Terminator Genisys and how it may shape the future of the franchise — should there be more sequels, that is.

As to whether Simmon’s O’Brien character survives Genisys, Simmons told Slashfilm:

Yes, we are told O’Brien does [survive]… in fact, we went back and did a little added shot on the roof of the whole helicopter sequence to make sure that we see that after Arnold throws me away so that he can save people, I’m one of those that he saves, and I’m still alive and watching whats happening.

When asked more pointedly if he’s returning for sequels, Simmons said, “I am signed on, so if there are sequels I will by God be there.”

It remains to be determined if there will be further sequels, but the writers are apparently already brainstorming ideas for the future (and past?) of Skynet, and Simmons’ role in those sequels is contingent upon the commercial success of Genisys.

Terminator Genisys is currently in theaters.

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