Kong: Skull Island

Why Is HBO Showing Airplane Edits of These Movies?
If you’re a particularly committed cinephile with an HBO subscription, then you’re undoubtedly aware that the network is notorious for showing films in the wrong aspect ratio. For instance, Mad Max: Fury Road was formatted in 2.35:1 widescreen, but changed to 1.78:1 for HBO — ef…
'King Kong: Skull Island' TV Series in Development
The legendary King Kong got more than a few moments in the sun with Kong: Skull Island, but can the eighth wonder of the world even fit into TV? We’ll find out, as a new live-action King Kong series is reportedly in development, but not set within Legendary’s growing monster-verse.
How Fast Can One Man Eat the ‘Kong’ Johnny Rockets Menu?
Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, shrouded in mystery and a hurricane that never dissipates, lies a place beyond comprehension. It is Skull Island, a land where God never finished creation. It is home to monstrosities beyond imagination. Massive spiders with limbs like bamboo poles. Hideous lizard bea…
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Kong’ Climbs to the Top
While the giant ape in Kong: Skull Island may not climb any New York skyscrapers this time around, he certainly did climb the box office charts. The latest Warner Bros. monster movie shot all the way to the top spot in its opening weekend, with Logan and the surprising hit Get Out both shifting one …

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