Are Stephen King adaptations popular again? It seems that way as Warner Brothers has been working on 'It' and 'The Stand,' and now it's time to add 'A Good Marriage' to that list. The film now has a director, and will star Joan Allen.

The 'Bourne Legacy' actress has signed up for the lead role in the new picture, says The Hollywood Reporter. Set to direct is Peter Askin, who has directed the documentary 'Trumbo' and 'Company Man.'

The film is based off the short story that appeared in the novel 'Full Dark, No Stars.' Allen will play Darcy, who discovers a dark and horrible double life that her husband (and father of their two children) has been carrying out for years. 'A Good Marriage' is expected to begin filming late in October.

Surprisingly, Stephen King wrote the script himself. And though his books have made for some great films (and a number of terrible ones), King has only written directly on two movies before: his 1986 directorial debut 'Maximum Overdrive' and 1992's 'Sleepwalkers.' Hopefully he's become a better screenwriter since then. And if you haven't seen the trailer for 'Maximum Overdrive,' here a chance to watch it (or watch it again, it's more entertaining than the film):

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