Luigi Mario himself, John Leguizamo, has posted a video on YouTube that expresses his feelings on the 20th Anniversary of 'Super Mario Bros.' and recounts some of his tales from filming the movie.

He starts off by letting the fans know how glad he is that they still remember and appreciate the movie 20 years later.

Leguizamo talks about some of the misadventures he had during filming, Bob Hoskins' Cockney accent, and how he learned about electricity on the set.

It's cool to hear some of the stories from the set, like how strippers were hired for the disco scene and had to be reminded to keep their clothes on, and how Leguizamo ended up closing a van door on Hoskins' fingers, causing a deluge of Cockney exclamations to come streaming out of his mouth.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think of Leguizamo's message and the movie in general. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Is it some kind of guilty pleasure for you? Sound off in the comments!