John Wick is back again… again. Keanu Reeves’ immortal hitman will come out of retirement once more in John Wick: Chapter Three, which Lionsgate has officially announced will hit theaters May 17, 2019.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that there aren’t any plot details yet for the upcoming sequel, but from how the last one ended, we can probably assume it’ll have something to do with Wick on the run from literally every hitman in the world. It’s currently the only movie sitting on that particular date, which is a primo start-of-summer release position. The last two came out in October and February, which aren’t bad times of year at all, but a May release means that the world is finally ready for Wick to get summer blockbuster status.

John Wick: Chapter Two posited that the Wick universe, like our own, is constantly expanding. The sequel drew upon the mythological suggestions posed in the first film, evoking even more the Orpheus-like journey into the Underworld, Wick emerging again at the end with the wrath of the gods close on his heels. Can’t a man just retire in peace?

The John Wick movies are some of the best, most artfully designed action films ever made, and with Keanu Reeves and director-stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski back together again, John Wick: Chapter Three is poised to continue the most neon-colored action franchise out there.

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