'John Wick' is an action movie so bursting with colorful characters and personality that you can't help but devise your own drinking game while watching it. Well, we've gone ahead and saved you the trouble: welcome to the "Completely Unofficial Official (And Highly Dangerous) 'John Wick' Drinking Game."

If you've seen the trailers, you know the basic set-up. Keanu Reeves plays the title character, a retired hitman, who returns to his violent ways when a couple of thugs steal his beloved car and kill his adorable dog. Vengeance ensues and a body count that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger blush is racked up.

And it's all kind of amazing. This is one of the most clever, crazy and downright bizarre movies in recent memory, delivering ultra-violent (and well shot!) action set pieces set in a world so unexpectedly rich and deep that it practically demands its own television series. This movie is a goofy and wildly entertaining party and like all parties, a little bit of booze can elevate the experience. However, we highly recommend that you save this drinking game for your second viewing of 'John Wick' because minor spoilers lurk ahead.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Actually, you probably shouldn't partake in this drinking game. You may die.

- Drink every time John Wick shoots someone in the head.

- Drink every time someone says John Wick's name.

- Drink every time John Wick acquires a new automobile.

- Drink whenever Michael Nyqvist's villain drinks (you'll do this a lot).

- Drink every time Michael Nyqvist's villain looks like he's ready to give up on life. You'll also do this a lot.

- Drink whenever you or your audience goes "awww" at John Wick's adorable Beagle puppy.

- Drink whenever someone humiliates, chastises, chews out, undermines or physically harms Theon Greyjoy.

- Drink every time the stylized subtitles present a particularly important word in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

- Drink every time someone says "The Boogeyman" in Russian.

- Uh, maybe drink every other time John Wick shoots someone in the head. You don't want to run out of alcohol.

- Drink whenever a recognizable character actor pops up for a brief (but awesome!) cameo.

- Drink twice when Clarke Peters pops up for a brief (but awesome!) cameo.

- Drink whenever a character recognizes John Wick and gives him a silent nod of approval.

- You know what? Drink anytime that anyone gives anyone a silent nod of approval.

- Drink every time Dean Winters yells at Michael Nyqvist for speaking Russian.

- Drink whenever you have to remind yourself that Dean Winters is not playing the Beeper King from '30 Rock.'

- Drink every time someone asks John Wick if he's back.

- Finish your drink when John Wick confirms that, yes, he is back.

- Oh, no. Why did you drink every time John Wick shot someone in the head? Wake up! Please wake up! Someone call an ambulance!