Wes Anderson's latest film, 'Moonrise Kingdom,' hasn't even left theaters yet, but the director is already at work on his next flick, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.' And the first actor to check in is Johnny Depp.

According to Deadline, Johnny Depp has officially signed on for Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' which will film in Europe. Depp is currently hard at work starring in Gore Verbinski's troubled 'Lone Ranger' film alongside Armie Hammer.

Anderson has previously said that he wanted his next film to be a "Euro movie," and up until now we hadn't had confirmation of a title for his latest effort, but Budapest is just about as European as you can get, we think. We previously reported on the diverse list of actors (some familiar faces, some new) that Anderson was eyeing for parts in the film, including 'Moonrise Kingdom' star Edward Norton, Angela Lansbury, and Anderson vets Jeff Goldblum, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, and Adrien Brody.

It appears that Johnny Depp is taking his trial separation from Tim Burton very seriously (please, that's what this is -- you know he'll go back) as, for once, there are no Burton projects with Depp's name attached. Depp's career has taken a turn in recent years, and while he's still a reliable actor, he's kind of like that guy in the office who just does the minimum amount of work necessary so we don't fire him. Anderson has a gift for bringing out the best in his hired talent (what he did with Bruce Willis for 'Moonrise' was magical), so perhaps this is good news.

Still, call us skeptical until we see the finished product. We just can't trust that Johnny Depp and his over-the-top caricature acting anymore.