The last time we saw Jon Favreau in the front of the camera was 'Iron Man 2,' a film he also directed. Favreau is returning to acting for someone besides himself for the upcoming Jason Bateman/Melissa McCarthy comedy 'Identity Thief.'

According to Variety, Favreau will join Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, and Amanda Peet in 'Identity Thief' from director Seth Gordon. It's a reunion for Bateman and Gordon who also worked together on last year's 'Horrible Bosses,' as well as Bateman and Favreau, who starred together in the unfortunate  'Couples Retreat.'

In 'Identity Thief' a woman (McCarthy) steals a man's (Bateman) identity, effectively throwing a wrench in his life. Favreau will play Bateman's boss.

The film shoots this year for a 2013 release, but perhaps more interesting to note is the bizarre screenwriting team of Craig Mazin and Steve Conrad. Mazin previous wrote 'The Hangover: Part II,' 'Superhero Movie,' and three 'Scary Movie' sequels. Conrad's track record is a little cleaner, having written 'The Pursuit of Happyness,' 'The Weather Man,' and the upcoming Ben Stiller remake 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.'

It still has to be better than 'Couples Retreat,' right?